About Us

IEP specialist

What’s so special about IEP Specialists?


Simply put: We put people first, and we keep them there. Always.

Our candidates and customers never get lost in a shuffle of numbers or tangled up in the bottom line. That’s because we know that who we are, and we come to learn and appreciate who you are. From the big picture all the way down to the itty bitty nitty gritty, success boils down to relationships, and relationships rest on each and every person involved.

It doesn’t matter how much money gets pumped into marketing or programs or facilities. Without honesty and reliability, without respect and empathy, without dedication and collaboration, programs fail and students get left behind.

Everyone who works with us takes a chance because they sense something different in the air. And then they stick around. Why? If you ask them, they’ll tell you it’s because they feel respected, trusted, and understood. Because they get to be themselves at their best — creative, adventurous and self-directed.

In short, people work with us because we treat them with impeccable care. That’s our bottom line.