School Services

You need a SPECIALIST, and that’s where IEP Specialists can help.

girl working with therapist at our health care staffing companyMedical and health care staffing companies often repeat the same messages. They say they have “highly-skilled professionals,” “a commitment to quality,” and “positive educational outcomes.” Of course, our health care staffing company has all of those characteristics, but our mission goes beyond the standard buzzwords. When it comes to your unique students & staff and their evolving needs, you don’t just need someone who has earned a degree and is committed to “quality.” You need a particular type of person for your one-of-a-kind school environment. You need a SPECIALIST, and that’s where IEP Specialists can help.

With most staffing companies, they are either large corporations or tiny operations. It reminds us of the story of Goldie Locks. Her choices in chairs were either too big or too small until she found a rocking chair that was JUST THE RIGHT SIZE for her. IEP Specialists is a mid-sized health care staffing company. This means that we’re small enough to develop real, person-to-person relationships, yet large enough to draw from a deep resource pool of kind, caring professionals who love to work with children.

If Goldie Locks was looking for a health care staffing company to provide people to work at her school, when she found IEP Specialists, she would say, “Now this one is JUST RIGHT.”

What else sets us apart?

  • When you contact us, you will speak with a flesh-and-blood human being who delights in her or his work.
  • You will have one point of contact. This ensures that you won’t get lost in the shuffle or have to repeat your needs over and over again each time we talk.
  • Our highly-skilled, qualified candidates have worked with children in the schools and want to continue to do so over the course of their careers, so they’ll bring dedication and glee to their jobs every day.
  • Our candidates are also “people people” — collaborative souls with inimitable interpersonal skills.
  • The person or people that we place with you will be hand-selected, which means they won’t just match on paper — they’ll match in person, too.