Occupational Therapists

School occupational therapists, those with experience and a passion to help children, are a rare breed.

Does your special education team need an occupational therapist to evaluate students and determine treatment plans?

School occupational therapists

Our goal is to find the OT to ensure that your students can learn in stress free environments. This means we consider each child’s abilities and learning style, and then determine the appropriate strategies, equipment, and tools, so individual students can be all they can be.

When you work with IEP Specialists, your dedicated account manager will figure out exactly what you need in an occupational therapist. Then they will consider each of our exceptional occupational therapist candidates in light of their skills, interests and specialties to find one who fits your school’s particular needs. Our occupational therapist candidates are:

  • Certified
  • Experienced
  • Dedicated to working within the school system, particularly with children who have special needs

We think you’ll be surprised at just how perfectly your hand-selected match will mesh with your team.