School Nurses

Our caring school nurses fill important spots on teams and within school districts.

school nurses

Our school nurses have experience assuring compliance with state laws (for immunizations, screenings, etc.), as well as dispensing medications according to prescriptions and allergies. They know how to develop care plans for students with medical conditions, and they have maintained medical records. Just as importantly, they’ve spent much of their time tending to injuries and illnesses, and they bring kindness, patience, and compassion to their work. Each of our school nurses are…

  • Highly-skilled and experienced
  • Licensed and certified
  • Dedicated to meeting children’s special needs

When you call IEP Specialists, your account manager will take down exactly what you need in a nurse. Then they will consider the skills and interests of each of our impressive nurse specialists and find the perfect match in light of your school’s particular needs. In working with you, our goal is that your hand-selected match will fit your needs perfectly.