School Social Workers

Does your school or district need an experienced school social worker to counsel students and provide assessments?

School social workerWe are ready to provide you with a candidate who can collaborate on your team (with teachers, administrators, psychologists, parents and others) to remove barriers to learning and make sure students feel supported both in and out of school.

Whether students are experiencing learning or physical disabilities, bullying, or even shyness, our school social workers are compassionate counselors. They understand the range of options and if necessary can deal with emergencies, interventions, or other traumatic issues.

Each of our candidates has participated on IEP teams, and they are familiar with assessment meetings and the assessment process. Our school social worker candidates are:

  • Qualified and certified
  • Impeccable when it comes to interpersonal skills
  • Experienced
  • Dedicated to working within the schools and serving children, especially those with special needs

If you need a school social worker, contact IEP Specialists. Your dedicated account manager will take down the exact qualities and skills you need in a social worker. Then they will conduct a careful search of our extensive pool of social worker candidates, weighing their interests, skills and specialties in consideration of your school’s particular needs.

In staffing, one plus one doesn’t have to equal two. Your hand-selected match will perfectly fit your needs, and our partnership together will equal something greater than the sum of its parts.