Have an opening for a handful of weeks or several months?

IEP Specialists will cast our net into our large pool of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, special education teachers, nurses, medical assistants, psychologists, social workers and Early Intervention specialists to find just the right match for…

  • A longer-contract assignment
  • A temporary assignment to permanent placement (also called “locum to perm”)
  • A short-term, or temporary, assignment

Because of our extensive resources, we are able to meet needs for both specialty and length of assignment.

And one more thing … when it comes to fitting in with your school’s environment, the speed with which our professionals learn is “cheetah speed” – which means they are FAST! They’ve been trained to adapt quickly to new systems and styles. And, of course, they’re also precise, conscientious and harmless, unlike cheetahs. (Just in case you were worried.)