FAQs for Schools/Employers

Q: Is using a staffing agency actually cost-effective?
A: The short answer is yes. And here’s why. If you rush into hiring a candidate, odds are you won’t hire a good fit. Even if you do pick a winner right out of the gate (an unlikely scenario), you’re still paying for advertising, recruiting, and the HR time cost of reviewing, interviewing, and arriving at the final decision. If, even after investing all of that money and time, you find that your hire is lacking, you’ve still spent money on training and health insurance, then unemployment insurance, etc., and then the expensive and time-consuming process begins all over again.

IEP Specialists greatly minimizes the risk of hiring the wrong candidate. We’ll also see that you have continued coverage at your location for as long as it takes to find the right candidate for the job.

Q: Are there other options besides 13-week contracts? What happens if I don’t need temporary staff for that long?
A: Fear not! At IEP Specialists, we contract according to your needs, whatever they may be. Our placements range from 1-day placements to 13-week, renewable contracts.
Q: What if I really like one of your candidates? Can I hire them directly?
A: Certainly! Employing a professional temporarily is the perfect way for client and candidate to get a sense of how well they work together. If you’re a client, and you’d like to hire one of our candidates directly, just give us a call. We’ll kick off the hiring and contractual process alongside you for the smoothest transition possible.